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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Take Charge Of Your Life! Craft Your Success - Surge Ahead

Ambition is what defines us. Our ambition is what drives us to lead ourselves to success.

We live in a world of challenges, change, and distraction. We are shaped by the choices we make. To make the best decisions, to succeed in what we want – is to make informed choices.

To realize our ambition we need to deeply understand our strengths, abilities, and values. From these pillars, we create a pillar of intent, which is the engine that creates us as leaders of our destiny. These four pillars are the foundation for your success. From Ambition to Leadership then to Success – discover your Mantra – Achieve your Ambition!

At AmbitionMantra, our constant endeavor is to empower you to achieve your best potential – be the best versions of yourself. When we realise our immense strengths, abilities,  values and power them with the fuel of intent – we achieve Ambition!

Discover your Mantra - Achieve your Ambition!


Craft Your Success - Surge Ahead!

Ambition Design

What is the best career for you? How to change careers? Here are the solutions you want. Discover what is best for you, using our one-of-a-kind Psychometrics + Career Mentoring + Astrology, to discover & leverage all that you are, for the best career journey.


Want to get ahead in your career? Want to succeed as a leader? Want to deal with office politics & turbulence? Want to become the best leader you can be? Want your team to work at peak performances? Ambition Mantra Leadership Programs are curated for your specific demands and requirements.


Success has many dimensions and as many facets. It means different things to each one of us. Whatever be your definition or yardstick, we at AmbitionMantra, appreciate and respect your thoughts. Let’s get you the best o what you want.


Dr. Rudresh Jarecha

Senior Medical Director (Paraxel Informatics)

I am Dr. Rudresh Jarecha, and I work as a senior medical director at Parexel Informatics, SBU of Parexel International. From the first foundation session till now, Colonel Ajay’s unique ways of connecting with me at multiple levels are profound. It’s adding tremendous value at every step and given me thought-provoking insights. This process helped me become a better and effective leader every day, both in my personal life and work life. I strongly recommend Colonel Ajay for the executive team’s leadership journey.

Ms. Rajshree Dayal

HR head (Vice President) (NMSEZ Pvt. Ltd.)

Dear Coach Ajay, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me out when I was going through a rough patch in my life.  Your patience and perseverance helped me to move ahead.  You motivated me to believe in myself.  I continue to find benefits from your coaching. Thank you for teaching me to be ME in life.  I would recommend all my friends and family Coach Ajay Ramakrishnan for being the best. He is focused, appreciative , motivator and a great listener. His in-depth knowledge of human psychology is amazing. Thanks again. Regards

Mr. R Ramnani

Vice President (Delivery) (Deutsche Bank)

I had the opportunity to engage with Ajay and benefit from his executive coaching. I was part of the delivery team of an MNC Bank as a Vice President for the India Delivery Center. The focussed engagement helped me strengthen my leadership skills around Strategic thinking, Influencing, partnership & collaboration. Instant decision making in moments of crisis, role model leadership. I was able to draw upon Ajay’s rich leadership experience to further enhance my leadership skills to manage teams as large as 1400 employees.  This was one of the enablers in my overall skill development and also contributed to career progression.


Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan

Ambition Design Expert | Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation | Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive & Team Coach | Global Leadership Coach | Army Veteran & Gallantry Awardee (Sena Medal, Gallantry) | Commercial Pilot

Colonel Ajay is the founder of AmbitionMantra, an organisation striving for human transformation & evolution. A veteran of the Kargil War, Colonel Ajay served the Indian Army, and now is a leadership & career coach, commercial pilot & synthetic flight instructor. He is also part of the Karmayogi Program of the Prime Minister of India and has coached personnel from the Railways (Rail Karmayogi Program), as well as of the Delhi Police (Police Karmayogi Program). He is empanelled with organisations like the Indian Oil Corporation, Buchi, projects of KPMG, BCG, Illumine, etc, as a result of his leadership experiences and coaching practices.

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